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Blaming Canada … Again

April 3, 2008 10:23 AM

South Park

Johnny-on-the-spot in terms of current events, Comedy Central’s “South Park” absolutely torched the Writers Guild of America last night with an episode entitled “Canada on Strike.”

The episode might have sailed over the head of certain viewers, but speaking from the experience of working for a television trade magazine, Trey Parker and Matt Stone ran WGA heads through the satirical grinder Wednesday.

In the episode, Canada believes it isn’t getting what it deserves, and Stephen Abootman, head of the WGA, or World Canadian Bureau, takes the entire country on strike until it can get money from somewhere.

“How about the Internet? The Internet makes a lot of money. So give us some of that money,” Mr. Abootman says, to the wide-eyed stares of other heads of state.

The South Park boys look to get Canada Internet money, but a successful YouTube video they post only nets them millions in theoretical dollars.

Check out the clip below. The whole episode can be viewed at southparkstudios.com.

Andrew Krukowski


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