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Wrestlemania Hits Campaigns

April 21, 2008 1:15 PM

Political discourse has jumped to the wrestling ring as the WWE has finagled Sens. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain to tape segments for tonight’s “Monday Night Raw” on USA.

The video includes McCainaics, smelling what Barack is cooking and something called HillRod. Full video and grades on the candidates’ promos after the jump.

Hillary Clinton: Brownie points for promoting the WWE’s “King of the Ring,” but not enough finger-pointing at the camera. “HillRod” shouldn’t be her wrestling name, but her finishing move, which we suspect would be some sort of massive clothesline. C+.

Barack Obama: The Rock/Barack line has been waiting on the WWE’s doorstep since Sen. Obama entered the race, so it’s about time to see it in action. Points off for the lack of a stern look at the camera at the end of the interview. B-.

John McCain: Wrong, wrong, wrong. If you’re going to talk about McCainiacs running wild on someone, the word “brother” needs to be injected into every third word. Also, did Sen. McCain call Barack “bar-ock?” D.

—Andrew Krukowski


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