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‘Early Show’ Denizens Descend on Greensburg

April 27, 2008 8:50 PM

The A-team of “The Early Show” will spend this week in Greensburg, Kan., pitching in on a volunteer effort to build an eco-friendly playground for the town that was all but wiped out a year ago by a tornado.

Maggie Rodriguez, the newest member of the CBS morning show’s anchor team, said she’s “not handy at all.” She laughed as she confessed that it’s easy to tell whether she or her husband, Telemundo ad sales executive Michael Rodriguez, hung the pictures on the walls at home: If she did it, it was “trial and error” and there are several holes in the wall behind the art. Her husband can do it perfectly with one hole.

In Greensburg, she said, it won’t matter that she’s not a natural-born carpenter, because “this is all about going and doing whatever you can, even if it’s learning how to do something. I’m sure there’s something I can do. I want to roll up my sleeves and learn to do something.” When she worked in Los Angeles, she said, she spent a day in Mexico on a group project to build a house: “I held my own there and it really was the most gratifying thing.”

The “Early Show” anchors and staffers will work with a team from Planet Green, Discovery Communications’ eco-focused network, which debuts its 13-part series “Greensburg” on June 15; the series documents the rebuilding of the town with ecological and economical sustainability in mind.

Michele Greppi


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