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Keeping Up With ‘Kyle’

April 8, 2008 3:01 PM

Fresh from last month’s PaleyFest series of tributes, the Paley Center for Media hosted a screening and discussion with the cast and producers of ABC Family’s “Kyle XY” at its Beverly Hills facility on Monday night.

In attendance for the discussion were executive producers Eric Tuchman and David Himelfarb, supervising producer Julie Plec and cast members Matt Dallas (who plays Kyle XY), April Matson (Lori Trager), Chris Olivero (Declan McDonough), Bruce Thomas (Stephen Trager), Marguerite MacIntyre (Nicole Trager) and Jaimie Alexander (Jessi XX).

The sci-fi family comedy-drama finished airing its second season last month, and the producers were very secretive about next season. While they weren’t able to reveal much, they did suggest things to come in the life of Kyle, a superhuman, super-intelligent teenage boy created by scientists and incubated in a pod of pink goo for 16 years who must learn about life for the first time.

When the show returns for its third season, there are plenty of characters viewers can expect to see again. Ms. Alexander, who plays Jessi XX, Kyle’s female counterpart and sister created by the same scientists, will be back. Moderator John Griffiths of US Weekly pointed out that she was in attendance at the panel with the rest of the regular cast. Ms. Plec described Jessi as a “character you can redeem,” who means to do good but doesn’t know how. Jessi has some learning to do, meaning Ms. Alexander will be back to do it.

Ally Sheedy, the 1980s film icon from “The Breakfast Club” and “St. Elmo’s Fire,” played Sarah, Jessi’s biological mother, and could return to reprise her role in season three.

Kyle also will come face-to-face with the group of scientists who created him as they “introduce themselves” to him during season three, Mr. Tuchman says, and Kyle will have to deal with the fact that the men who created him are not working with him. Among them are Kyle’s biological father, Adam Baylin, played by J. Eddie Peck, whose relationship with Kyle will be “[doled] out in pieces.”

The cast was intrigued to hear this information as well, since they have yet to begin production on the next season.

As for the future of the series, which has centered on a group of high school kids, Ms. Plec said, “We would love to spend four years of college with Kyle,” noting how interesting it would be to explore what Kyle can do as a super-intelligent being in a university environment. She added that the story arc for the show has always been planned out in advance.

A start date for season three is yet to be announced.

— Sergio Ibarra


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