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No Swimming Pools or Movie Stars Here

April 29, 2008 3:17 PM


Tinseltown became a little more country Tuesday morning as some of the stars from The CW’s upcoming reality series “Farmer Wants a Wife” took a tractor-and-wagon ride down Hollywood Boulevard. As you can see from the following photo essay, this groundbreaking series—premiering Wednesday at 9 p.m.—will tear down the walls that keep country men and city women from finding love with each other. And it’ll do it the only way Hollywood can—through glamorous media blitzing.

The excitement started to grow as the farmer, Matt Neustadt, approached on his big, green John Deere tractor with a gaggle of brides and police escort in tow.


No farmer tan here, folks. It’s actually a really nice tan. Do you think he got it from those Olly girls from “Sunset Tan”?


And of course, the lovely brides, all dressed in white. In Hollywood, everyone gets to wear white on their wedding day!


These are very lovely women. It makes you wonder how far along and under what context each one got rejected. Seeing as how not all 10 hopefuls were in attendance, maybe these are the only ones who left on good terms. In Hollywood, that means they were boring.


It was really overwhelming to see a whole herd of fans get really excited for this parade!


One clever cameraman interviewed the only personality on the wagon who will probably still have a relationship with Farmer Matt after the show is complete—the chicken! In Hollywood, reality TV romance competitions make you jaded about love.


Let’s hope that, in the wake of the show’s success, Farmer Matt lands some sort of mail-order catalog underwear model gig. That’s the way it works, right? Reality star to underwear model? Or is that the other way around?


I was a little concerned about what this town can to do a nice, handsome man like Farmer Matt. But then, on my way back to the Metro, I looked down and felt a little hope for him. You can take a person out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of a person.


— Sergio Ibarra


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umm yeah this guy is gorgeous!!and anyone would be lucky to marry a country boy!! their the best there is!!

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