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The Other Ender

April 20, 2008 9:00 PM

Chris Ender, CBS’ West Coast-based senior VP of communications, is now a political spouse.

His wife, Laurie, who will be remembered fondly by many in the business from her days as a supervising producer at “Entertainment Tonight” and a producer who helped develop “Access Hollywood,” was elected to the Santa Clarita (Calif.) City Council April 8 after a yearlong door-to-door campaign.

Ms. Ender—the busy mother of three sons, the oldest of whom is in high school—has a background in community involvement that started with the PTA, youth sports programs and volunteer work and led to chairing Santa Clarita’s parks commission. She’ll be sworn in to her first elective office Tuesday.

Next week, she and other local officials will be swarming Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to meet and greet the elected representatives of the community, population 180,000.

Ms. Ender said she never aimed to get into politics, but thinks she’s been helped by having had jobs that required her to have a finger on the pulse of people and “learn how to read a room.” She figures a monthly stipend of $1,463 means she won’t have to finance the new role out of her own pocket.

Her plan is to report to her new office at City Hall every morning, and to be free to “do the mom thing” afternoons.

Though the Santa Clarita model of government means it’s possible she’ll rotate into a term as the town’s “mostly ceremonial” mayor after winning re-election a couple of years down the road, she’s not mapping out a big political future.

“At this point this is quite enough for me,” she said.

—Michele Greppi


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