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TiVo No Fan of ‘Idol’s’ Mercado

April 10, 2008 3:02 PM

American Idol (Fox)Based on second-by-second audience measurement, TiVo is predicting that Syesha Mercado is getting the boot tonight on “American Idol.”

TiVo said according to its numbers, Ms. Mercado had the fewest number of people sticking around to watch her Tuesday-evening performance. The company added that for the past four weeks, the contestant whose performance was viewed by the lowest number of subscribers has been sent packing.

“Viewers tend to rewind and watch their favorite performances multiple times, while fast-fowarding through ones they don’t like. These viewing preferences correlate with voting patterns,” the company said in a statement.

For what its worth, David Archuleta was on the high end of audience viewership this week.

TiVo is doing this sort of prediction for one week only—meaning that either the company really hates Ms. Mercado to the point that even a machine decided that she sucks, or that bookies were threatening to do bad things to their logo’s antenna.

—Andrew Krukowski


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