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‘Fringe’ Factor

May 15, 2008 12:08 PM

J.J. Abrams fans soon will have another show to geek out over. Fox’s “Fringe” is set to premiere in the fall with a two-hour episode, but that hasn’t stopped the network from launching a big promotional campaign right this very minute!

Promotional stunts for the series are planned all over New York City today, TelevisionWeek’s Josef Adalian reports.

Fox also passed along the following photos.

Dawson Creekers, rejoice! Images of Joshua Jackson in his comeback role are here. He’s still looking a little angst-ridden, but what do you expect after six years on the teen soap followed by forgettable film roles?

Jackson should have plenty to smile about come fall, though. He’s got a lead role in J.J.’s big spectacle, plus a leading lady (Anna Torv, below) who will no doubt create some sexual tension and become J.J.’s new Keri Russell/Jennifer Garner/Evangeline Lilly, and a very nice black scarf.

Take that, Katie Holmes.

“Lost” fans, put your inquisitive eyes and sharp brains to use. Tell us what hidden images you spot in these ominous posters.

Remember, you can never read too much into it when it comes to a J.J. Abrams show.

Images after the jump!

Vlada Gelman


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Personally I hope this is more of a early x-files type show rather than later x-files. I'm talking about the episodes where they simply checked out some bizarre occurance, solved it or whatever, and left it at that. Each show was essentially self contained instead of this big conspiriacy story arc over many shows and seasons.

Kozy Kitchen:

Chris Carter called, he wants his ideas, marketing and red headed protagonist back.


Yeah, she's blonde...


If you look at the posters, the letters G, E, R, N, and E are all *highlighted* by those firefly-looking things. The obvious anagram there would be Green, maybe someone's name, maybe code for the environment.

Or maybe, this is finally the TV adaptation of the movie adaptation of the Parker Brothers game we all know and love, Clue, and the antagonist is none other than Mr. Green! Personally, I think he did it in the library with Mrs. White, but thats just me.


It could also be that the lights are moving around the screen, if these are screenshots, not posters, and that the lights just happen to be behind a letter at a certain time. In all but the second last picture there are three lights.

James VanderBeek:

God will the old cast of Dawson's Creek never die.


Man - all you people are talking all this shit but you all know you're going to be glued to your tv when it comes on.

The Observer:

IT is coming...

CHelsea Adam:

this is one of the best tv shows ive ever seen its got me glued to the tv every sunday night

Here's hoping Fringe will be around for a long time to come, the only paranormal show since The X-Files to intrigue...
However, it's structure, the study of fringe science keeps it from being a clone. Maybe a combo of Star Trek, CSI and X-Files. Anyway, can't wait for the DVD's! Thank you, Fox...

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