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How I Met Your Fashions

May 13, 2008 12:06 PM

Buy our stuff!

Marshall and Lily’s economic woes are your windfall. Viewers can make like Robin in Monday night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” and snag Lily’s designer duds on marshallandlilyselltheirstuff.com. There’s a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes, Ella Moss dresses, a Hei Hei jacket and plenty more.

Alas, the dress that earned Lily a two-syllable “da-amn!” is missing. Darn you, canadagirl@metronews1.com!

All the items come in Alyson Hannigan’s adorable, petite size. Perhaps that’s why they’re not selling too well.

Lily’s art, however, is proving to be a seller. The painting from last night’s episode is currently fetching $700. Not bad for art aimed at dogs. Unless that’s Lassie bidding out there.

But the most awesome item doesn’t come from Lily’s closet—it’s Marshall’s robot monkey head from Sharper Image. We always knew Marshall had a thing for apes (remember season one’s “Life Among the Gorillas” episode?). The furry, remote-controlled monkey head is a perfect addition to any home, where it will follow you with its animatronic eyes.

Other notable items:

- One devoted fan with a surplus of expendable income has bid $2,500 for a set visit with the cast.

- Ted’s “pulling them off” red boots? Not such a hot seller. Maybe Ted’s the only one who can work them? I say they’re better suited for a woman, one with very big feet (they’re size 11 ½).

- The fans want to suit up, and they want to do it wearing Barney’s stylish Hugo Boss suit.

Crazy as the bids may be, all the fannish, consumerist indulgence is for a good cause. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. And while charity is a virtue, you might want to remember that other important virtue: patience. You’ll need it to deal with the auction site.

Vlada Gelman


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