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‘Idol’ Jottings

May 21, 2008 1:08 PM

Another season of “American Idol” rolls to a close, and the Daily Blink was on hand Tuesday at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles to see rock star extraordinaire David Cook and Shire-inhabiting David Archuleta sing their faces off.

After walking through security and getting our cell phones confiscated (lest we incur the wrath of Fox for Twittering that Simon said something mean), we took our seats and waited for the show to start.

Of course, considering that the last person to wear a watch was Dark Ages magician Merlin himself and the security at the Nokia Center had our only timepiece, we were trying to guess the time based on a sundial and Mr. Cowell’s 5 o’clock shadow.

During the audience warm-up, David Cook received a bigger pop from the crowd than Mr. Archuleta. But once the crowd heard of Mr. Archuleta’s harrowing journey up Mount Doom, they switched their favor.

Some notable signs spotted during the event were “My David Is Fun-Sized” and “Simon Needs a Hug.” A Brownie troop brought in letters that on one side spelled out “Brownies” and the other side spelled out “I Love David.”

Mr. Cowell also was visibly impressed with Mr. Archuleta’s bravery in the face of the orc horde, and declared a “knockout” of Mr. Cook, continuing to extend a ridiculous boxing metaphor that had the two dressed in ring attire and the audience having to listen to Michael “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” Buffer.

Once Mr. Archuleta finished his final song, John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the audience rushed toward the doors, either because they wanted to be first in line to get their cell phone back or because second-season winner Ruben Studdard was closing the show.

Check the Daily Blink tomorrow for coverage of tonight’s finale, with special guests rumored to be anyone from George Michael—“the biggest star in the world,” according to Nigel Lythgoe—to Donna Summer and the Jonas Brothers.

—Andrew Krukowski


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Am I the only one who's glad American Idol is over????

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