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Kids’ Piano All Wet

May 18, 2008 6:07 PM

The pouring rain during the “Today” show reunion concert of the gracefully aged New Kids on the Block Friday morning didn’t dampen any spirits among the soaked-to-the-skin NKOTB or their fans, who began lining up 48 hours earlier on the NBC morning show’s plaza to set an attendance record.

There was a tent, but the top of the big black grand piano had big fat globs of rain all over it. Blink just had to know how much water had to be bailed out of the piano after the concert. None, according to Ricardo Wilkinson, the operations manager for Best Music Rental, which is instrumental to the success of “Today” concerts.

“It didn’t really get that wet,” Mr. Wilkinson said.

Although NKOTB had begun rehearsing and sound checks hours before, the piano was kept covered until the moment it was needed during the performance in the show’s fourth half-hour. Best Music’s crew only had to towel off the piano, a Yamaha MP2. Emotional NKOTB fans needed to be toweled off, too, but not just because of the rain.

— Michele Greppi


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