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Think You Know Something About Golf?

May 2, 2008 12:13 PM

While the Daily Blink is happy to just take a Mulligan or three on the fairway, Juma Entertainment is revving up for part two of “Rules of the Game” on Sunday at 2 p.m. on CBS Sports and CBSSports.com.

The special will continue to test players’ knowledge of the intricacies of golf’s lesser-known rules, with the special using PGA Tour footage to demonstrate the game’s more unusual rules, and challenges viewers to test their knowledge against the pros.

Think you can’t beat the pros in golf? Guess again.

During the taping of the show, hosted by Bill Macatee, special guests and golf pros Bobby Clampett and Nancy Lopez estimated that probably no more than half of the PGA and LPGA players truly know all the rules of the game. In fact, when Mr. Clampett took the quiz from last year's “Rules of the Game,” he got just 7 out of 10 correct.

Last year’s airing on Aug. 17 matched the ratings of its live golf lead-in on CBS Sports. This time around, executive producer Bob Horowitz has brought in Gillette Fusion as title sponsor of the program.

Once again, viewers will get to play along live during the broadcast, testing their golf knowledge by going online to CBSSports.com or RulesQuiz.com and answering questions throughout the show. Those completing the quiz will be ranked according to the accuracy of their answers.

—Chris Pursell


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