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California Dreaming

June 18, 2008 3:56 PM


BLINK loves all things California; having grown up here we love when movies and television series try to capture what it means to be a Californian (whether resident or transplant).

"Californication" captures just the right tone—its snarky, insider-y self-loathing take on Hollywood, liberal parenting, living on the Westside and the anything-goes culture of life in Los Angeles is vicious and mean, and might be unrealistic if it weren't balanced by great writing, a genuine love for the city and BLINK's real-life observations of the similarly insane lives of people all around us here in L.A.


David Duchovny plays Hank Moody as an oversexed writer/creative, and to celebrate the release of the first season's DVD release, Showtime and CBS Home Entertainment threw a red carpet arrival and private party on Monday night in L.A.'s opulent Hancock Park.


Sooooo California...

Photo Credit Ryan Miller / Capture Imaging

'Californication' writer/producer Tom Kapinos and cast members Evan Handler and David Duchovny discuss the Golden Globe-nominated series, which they hope will be equally popular among Emmy voters.


Outside in a beautiful garden out of Sunset magazine, poolside bar, the usual Cali-cuisine faves, Showtime execs dishing on their latest productions, putting back a few...

While the red carpet filled up with an increasingly scary, aggressive mass of photographers vying for the money shot we just sat back and took in the beautiful only-in-California scene inside the party. BLINK doesn't bother with red carpets, we know our readers want to see what was really going on.

Ah, summertime in LA...

Photo Credit Ryan Miller / Capture Imaging

Cast members Evan Handler, Madeline Zima and Tom Kapinos get comfortable, relax and enjoy the evening's festivities.


Chatted it up with some lovely Hollywood assistants who turned BLINK on to the great insider blog: http://stuffhollywoodassistantslike.blogspot.com.

What a great site! Definitely bookmarking this one. Assistant watering holes revealed where you can hear the latest venting assistants on the latest agro studio execs—who knew the studios are sustaining their work force on Diet Coke these days ("cuz it's free")—on living in L.A., on time off.


After documenting the scene for our readers it was back out into the urban sprawl.

Walking back out to the valet, past the now abandoned red carpet, it still glowed brilliantly in the night like some forgotten idol. Motion sensors popped on, throwing yet more lights against the empty backdrop as we walked past but at least the hordes of paparazzi were gone, and BLINK swore to ourselves that we're grateful that we stick to the executive/trade side of this business.


Great party, perfect setting for an intriguing high concept, locally produced show. Go, Showtime!

Chad Rooney


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