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In-the-Mood Music

June 15, 2008 8:50 PM

Can you name the first song you, well, the first song you yada-yada-yada-ed to?

Be prepared, because if you’re hanging out at music bars and clubs this summer, you might get asked that question by a reporter from the original comedy series Web site MyDamnChannel.com.

The Web site signed a mid-six-figure sponsorship deal late last week with Southern Comfort to create a branded-entertainment Web series centered around music. Starting in July, the partners will launch “MyDamnChannel Music Nights.”

The Web site’s host, Grace Helbig, will visit clubs in New York and Los Angeles and pose those sorts of provocative music-related questions to the patrons.

Blink’s bet? Sade’s “Never as Good as the First Time” will be among the answers.

—Daisy Whitney


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