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Sneak a Peek at New ‘Office’ Webisodes

June 26, 2008 3:58 PM

NBC.com will debut “Kevin’s Bank Loan,” a new set of webisodes for “The Office,” on July 10. Take a sneak peek below at Kevin’s misadventures in gambling debt and Darryl laying his smooth-talking charm on a woman with “a vest of very high quality.”

Back in November 2007, “The Office’s” writer-producers made a video on the picket line about not getting paid for their Daytime Emmy-winning “The Accountants” webisodes, or as NBC liked to call them, “promotions.”

The Daily Blink hopes the writers are being compensated this time around and that NBC will pony up the $28 to pay for an actual statuette if they win another Emmy.

Vlada Gelman


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