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The ‘Deal’ With the Hype

June 29, 2008 8:50 PM

Now that “Deal or No Deal” has become a national sensation on NBC, along comes the syndicated version, which aims to take things to another level.

NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution unleashed local market promos this month featuring host Howie Mandel, shot in the Los Angeles area this spring. The promos feature Mr. Mandel and the models confronting people at various locations (a grocery store, dry cleaner, beauty salon, at a family’s dinner table) and applying the now-iconic phrase to their everyday lives, whether it’s for the price of their groceries or what’s for dinner.

“We're fortunate that we can draft off the success of the prime-time version of ‘Deal or No Deal,’ a well-known brand from coast to coast,” said Betsy Bergman, VP of marketing for NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. “That allows us to focus our efforts entirely on getting the message out that all-new half-hour episodes of ‘Deal or No Deal’ are coming five days a week starting Sept. 8 on your local station.”

The upcoming strip, considered by analysts to be the highest profile of fall’s new syndicated shows, will launch phase two of the promotion in July featuring the set of the show, while phase three will launch in August and highlight gameplay from the series.

“Because the game is so popular and the phrase ‘Deal or No Deal’ has become part of people's everyday lives, we took a light-hearted approach to our first tease phase,” Ms. Bergman said. “And with Howie being such a natural comedic talent, he really made the spots come to life.”

— Chris Pursell


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