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'Bones' Plans to Show Some Skin This Season

July 27, 2008 9:05 PM

The audience at the “Bones” panel was treated to a very lengthy preview of “Man in the Outhouse,” one of the first episodes from season four. At one point, the Daily Blink thought they were going to screen the entire episode, which caused frantic worry that there would be no time for the panel.

But never fear. Eventually, the episode was cut off and creator Hart Hanson, producer Barry Josephson and the cast (sans Emily Deschanel and T.J. Thyne) were brought out, at which point the hyper-excited David Boreanaz began trying to give “Torchwood's” John Barrowman a run for his money in the crazy/charming department.

Mr. Boreanaz launched into a lengthy, rambling essay about all the things his character hated about London, where the two-hour season premiere was shot, except it wasn't quite clear at first if he was talking about himself or Booth.

Mr. Boreanaz also showed off his colorful socks to the crowd, a feature of his personality that the writers have integrated into the show's mixture of quirky character drama and procedural.

Mr. Hanson credited the show's initial low profile with helping to maintain its originality.

“We were a little bit under the radar,” he said. “We were the last at every stage. We were the last pilot to be picked up.”

But don't underestimate “Bones.”

“I think the network has confidence in the show. We've always been the anchor of the night,” Mr. Josephson commented.

With six episodes already in the can and two more ready to go, the producers had some good tidbits to share:

—The show will introduce Booth's family.

—There is a very good chance that the gravedigger storyline will return.

—Viewers haven't seen the last of Eric Millegan's Zack.

—Angela may have a relationship with someone named Roxie, and from the sound of it, there'll be plenty of bed-hopping in the season premiere.

And how's this for a tease?

“This year, Booth and Brennan will be in bed together naked,” Mr. Hanson revealed.

—Vlada Gelman


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