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Dushku Appreciates Whedon’s Support

July 28, 2008 12:16 PM

“He’s like a career brassiere.”

That’s how actress Eliza Dushku described Joss Whedon and the support he provides her as an actress. Mr. Whedon developed Fox’s upcoming series “Dollhouse” specifically for her over lunch while discussing what other people expect her to be and what she doesn’t get to be in her career. That translated into a series about “a girl who’s got every personality but her own.”

“I basically didn’t make anything up. This is a documentary,” Mr. Whedon said of the similarities between Ms. Dushku and her character, Echo.

While there was palpable excitement from Mr. Whedon, Ms. Dushku and co-star Tahmoh Penikett (“Battlestar Galactica”), one fan was weary of the “mundane” premise and asked why the audience should be excited.

“This is a little bit different. There is a fantastical premise, but it is just people,” Mr. Whedon said, noting the lack of vampires or spaceships. “Every relationship is going to be a little twisted.”

But one can’t help but be a little bit pessimistic, especially considering the fact that there’s already a “Save Dollhouse” campaign. Mr. Whedon had mixed feelings about it himself.

“It gives people the idea that we’re somehow failing or a niche show that nobody will get,” he said. “But the enthusiasm I adore and the weariness is, let’s face it, earned,” he added, referring to Fox’s treatment of his cult favorite “Firefly.”

Still, Mr. Whedon pointed out that current Fox network brass “are not those people” who aired “Firefly” out of order before canceling it.

He also mentioned that “Dollhouse” is contracted for 13 episodes and that there will be webisodes, which may be one-shots or multi-part arcs, but he doesn’t see comic books in “Dollhouse’s” future.

—Vlada Gelman


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