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Get Ready to ‘Hurl!’

July 15, 2008 3:54 PM


NOPE, NO PUKE HERE Recently G4 President Neal Tiles explained the show focuses more on the competitive eating and camaraderie among contestants, not necessarily body fluids.

A show called “Hurl!” isn’t necessarily about, you know, hurling, says G4 President Neal Tiles.

Mr. Tiles talked about “Hurl!” after Comcast’s presentation last Tuesday at the Television Critics Association tour.

He said if one were to combine all of the upchuck, it wouldn’t even total a minute’s worth of the show. Instead, the show focuses more on the competitive eating and camaraderie among contestants, he said.

The G4 ad department, however, seems to have a different opinion, as the commercials focus pretty heavily on blowing chunks. Guerilla marketing also is under way, with targets painted on L.A. sidewalks to advertise the show—and the barfing.

Ten episodes of “Hurl!” are slated for this season, with themed episodes including an all-girl show and a college episode pitting students from different colleges against each other.

Hurl! Sidewalk Promo

TARGET PRACTICE "Hurl!" promo spray painted on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

While most conservative folks might be turned off by the culmination of the competitive eating, those really jonesing for their throw-up fix might be disappointed, as the show censors the vomit with bucket graphics.

However, if vomit fans clamor enough, the show could change.

“We can always remove the buckets,” Mr. Tiles said.

“Hurl!” premieres tonight on G4 at 9 p.m. Catch a sneak peek at the show here.

—Andrew Krukowski


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