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King’s Squared; Cooper Circled?

July 20, 2008 8:59 PM

Conversation between a reporter and a CNN executive, whose identities are being withheld to preserve future lines of communication and because it’s unclear which is most in need of a comedy transfusion. This is not a perfect transcription, but it is a faithful recollection of what seemed like a logical follow-up to the City of Los Angeles’ decision to name an intersection near the CNN bureau Larry King Square.

Reporter: Now that Los Angeles has Larry King Square, shouldn’t CNN be lobbying New York City to rename Columbus Circle “Anderson Cooper Circle”?
Executive: I never thought of Larry King as a square.
Reporter: But it seems especially fitting to put Anderson Cooper’s name on a circle, since his show is called “360.”
Executive: [Blank look and pause.]
Reporter: “360”—circle.
Executive: Heh. Heh.

TVWeek Staff


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