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KITT Drives Creatives at ‘Knight Rider’

July 24, 2008 1:56 PM

That KITT is a hell of a car, and it will be even more so when “Knight Rider” returns on NBC.

Knight Rider

traffic nightmare A massive traffic snarl meant the "Knight Rider" panel started with two of its 10 expected guests arriving in time to talk about the NBC show with TVWeek's Josef Adalian, right.

Fans of the original series at Comic-Con grilled executive producer Gary Scott Thompson about KITT features from the original, and if they will make an appearance in the new series.

Mr. Scott hinted at the following:

—Turbo boost will be front and center in the new series. So much so that fans will be asking for KITT to stop jumping so much, Mr. Scott said.

—A dark Knight Rider, a la KARR.

—Mr. Scott said he'd love to see an episode where the new KITT goes on a mission with the old version of KITT.

—As far as toys, Mr. Scott suggested a transforming KITT car and a KITT cave playset.

And the most important feature of “Knight Rider”:

—The Hoff is not confirmed for any new episodes, but nothing is impossible, he said.

—Andrew Krukowski


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