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MacFarlane Jokes Around

July 26, 2008 11:08 PM

Seth MacFarlane treated fans to previews of new episodes of “American Dad” and “Family Guy,” the latter an episode titled “I Dream of Jesus” written by former “The Simpsons” writer Brian Scully. Never shows to shy away from controversial humor, both episodes featured plenty of taboo jokes.

When a fan brought up all the Mexican jokes, MacFarlane replied, “You either hit nobody or everybody.”

Pretty soon MacFarlane will have a whole new audience to make fun of with “The Cleveland Show,” which he said will feature a British guy, a redneck family and a family of bears.

The show finds Cleveland moving back to Virginia to be with his high school sweetheart and forming “the black Brady bunch” with her family. Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long will provide voices alongside Mike Henry's Cleveland, while “King of the Hill's” Richard Appel will run the series.

The spinoff isn't set to debut until 2009, but until then, “Family Guy” viewers have plenty to look forward to next season:

—Stewie and Brian will travel to 1939 Poland with Mort Goldman in one episode, while another will find them jumping from one parallel universe to another.

—There will be a sequel to “Blue Harvest,” the popular “Star Wars” parody episode, based on “The Empire Strikes Back.”

—James Woods will return.

Seth Green, who voices Chris on “Family Guy,” confirmed that “Robot Chicken” also will do another “Star Wars” parody and said he and MacFarlane check in with each other to make sure they aren't mining the same jokes.

—Vlada Gelman


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