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MTV Sings its Way to 'American Mall'

July 11, 2008 4:46 PM

Two years ago a batch of unknown faces came together and rose to tween superstardom in Disney Channel’s original film, “High School Musical.” The film was a huge success and spawned a duo of sequels, “High School Musical 2” and the upcoming theatrical release “High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”

Hoping to capitalize on the success of the tween singing romp, the executive producers and some of the creative team behind the franchise have come together for the upcoming MTV movie musical, “The American Mall.”

The sneak peek clip below lays the film’s plot quite effectively and efficiently:

Sweet, artsy girl meets rough but warm rocker boy as a raging bitch tries to intrude. Gee, who do you think will end up together in the end?

Teen flick clichés aside, viewers might actually get something a bit meatier from “American Mall” than its Disney cotton-candy predecessor provided. A look at the female leads’ past roles gives hope for a grittier take on the American teenage experience.

American Mall

REAL LOVE Sweet, artsy girl meets rough but warm janitor boy. Gee, who do you think will end up together in the end?.

Nice piano girl, Ally, is played by Nina Dobrev, mostly known for her role on the critically-acclaimed teen Canadian soap “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” In the ultimate of after school specials, Ms. Dobrev plays Mia, an unwed teenage mother. Yup, she wasn’t even a virgin when she began her stint on “Degrassi”—Ms. Dobrev’s character came with baby bag in tow.

That’s not to say it’s a horrible thing. Unwed teenage mothers on TV are all the rage, right, Jamie Lynn Spears? Maybe not for pre-teen audiences on Disney Channel, but definitely kosher on its older-skewing cable cousin, ABC Family, via “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

Then there’s the character of Madison Huxley, played by Autumn Reeser. Viewers may remember her as “The O.C.” season three’s Taylor Townsend, an over-achieving student who was boinking the school’s dean. At least her character didn’t get pregnant. I think. Not really sure here, since everyone knows that series peaked during season two.

How high will “American Mall” rise in popularity? Viewers will have to wait until the premiere on August 11 at 9 p.m. to find out.

MTV hopes you’ll tune in and fall in love—the movie’s soundtrack is set to hit stores on Aug. 12. That should guarantee a couple thousand copies sold, before the Vanessa Hudgens-esque naked pics surface online, right?

-Sergio Ibarra


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