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Warners Gets Big 'Bang' for Its Buck

July 25, 2008 12:29 PM

If Comic-Con panel enthusiasm could be measured in Nielsen ratings, "The Big Bang Theory" might be a 40 share.

Warner Bros. TV took a bit of a risk bringing its geek-centric comedy to the Con. After all, most of the panels here are geared toward sci-fi and fantasy shows, not half-hour comedies.

But the studio bet that because the show's core characters would fit right in at the Con, audiences here would eat up an appearance by the "Bang" gang. They were right.

Comic-Con audiences can get whipped into a frenzy pretty easily, but the several thousand folks who jammed into Room 6 at the convention center went nuts for the show. A clip reel featuring season-one highlights got lots of laughter and applause, and the line for questions far exceeded those for some other big shows.

Moderator Adam Savage ("Mythbusters") asked several variations on the "are you as big a geek as your character" question, including whether fans now ask the cast to solve scientific problems when spotted on the street.

"Nobody has been that foolish," said Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon.

Added Simon Helberg (Howard): "We're just as dumb as we appear to be."

Other than announcing the return of Sarah Gilbert, executive producers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady didn't make much news at the session. Among the interesting highlights:

—Mr. Lorre said his geekiest moment came as a kid, when he spent "thousands of hours putting together monster models. But it was largely for the glue."

—Producers revealed that the literary archetype for Mr. Helberg's hapless horndog character was none other than Pepe LePew.

—One fan gave Mr. Lorre and Mr. Pratt a good note: The characters should be heard offering up more random movie quotes. Mr. Prady seemed to like the idea, saying, "Quoting movies means less work for us because we have less dialogue to write."

—Mr. Lorre said the show was not "about geeks and nerds. It's about remarkable people."

—Josef Adalian


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I love The Big Bang Theory. The funniest show on TV.


Me, too. I watch The Big Bang Theory every week. I can't wait for new episodes on September 22. Great stuff.

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