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'Gossip Girl' Chucks DVD Screener

August 26, 2008 5:03 PM

If you’ve been holding your breath all summer for season two of “Gossip Girl,” it’s almost here. The new season premieres next Monday, but The Daily Blink got a sneak peek of the first three episodes from the much-hyped show’s return.

Gossip GirlWhile there were definite OMG moments, the biggest delight came when The Daily Blink saw the cover of the DVD screener, which features a perfectly leering Chuck.

Don’t even get the Daily Blink started on all the twisted sexual connotations of that image. Wholesome as cherry pie? Not so much, as you probably already know from the sex-filled promos and scandalous billboards.

Despite (because of?) the Parents Television Council's protests, we’re betting that the kids are going to take Chuck’s cherry pie bait right out of his palm. The Daily Blink sure did, popping in the DVD the second it got home and watching all three episodes in one sitting. At the end, the Blink slipped the disc back into the package and looked at the question on the DVD cover.

“ready4more?” (Capitalizing and writing out words is far too exhausting.)

Yes, please.

Check out the first five minutes of season 2 behind the cut to find out what had the Daily Blink salivating for cherry pie.

—Vlada Gelman


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Whoever is behind the Gossip Girl ads is genius! They sure know how to drum up controversy. Speaking of controversy, check out the all new Teen Scene Magazine at www.teenscenemag.com

kiara benavides:

i love chuck

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