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Comedy Central Plays the Host

September 22, 2008 2:51 PM

Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman

Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman

What: Comedy Central after-party

Where: The club STK in Hollywood.

When: Sunday, Sept. 21.

Entertainment: A DJ spinning classic tunes.

Food: Simple appetizers, including spoon-based samplings of prime rib and bite-sized morsels of sautéed mushrooms on toast. Specialty cocktails and martinis were available at the door, along with champagne.

Highlights: A friendly atmosphere early in the night, with celebrity-gazing limited to stars on the lower rungs like “Reality Bites Back” winner Theo Vonkurnatowski. David Alan Greer, of Comedy Central’s newest show “Chocolate News,” also made the rounds. Later into the night, Comedy Central’s main talent started to filter in, including Sarah Silverman, “Daily Show” talent John Hodgman and Jason Jones and the Emmy-winning purveyor of truthiness himself, Stephen Colbert.

—Andrew Krukowski


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