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The Buzz! on ‘Money’

September 14, 2008 8:45 PM

Buzz! Magazine

ABC is getting into the gossip game, launching a scandal-filled magazine called Buzz! The folks at Us and Star can relax, however; Buzz! is a fictional rag that will run only as an insert in the Sept. 29 issue of a real scandal sheet, the U.S. version of OK! ABC’s marketing gurus copied the glossy gossip format pretty faithfully in a promotional stunt for “Dirty Sexy Money.” Buzz! features a screaming cover headline (“Ultimate Duel: The Dirty Sexy Money Battle Rages On”), snarky inside stories (“Patrick’s Dirty Little Secret”), a shopping page (Kara Ross flower ring, $16,055 at Bergdorf Goodman), a recipe corner (the Dirty Sexy Money martini, natch) and even a word search. The “DSM” stunt is hardly the first time ABC’s marketing team has played with reality. To hype “Lost,” the network has aired numerous fake commercials on its own air, directing viewers to any number of Web sites masquerading as something other than what they are. CBS, of course, long ago cornered the market on real self-promoting periodicals. It publishes Watch!, an Entertainment Weekly-style mag sold on newsstands that’s devoted to all things Eye-related.

—Josef Adalian


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