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ABC: Let’s Do the Time Warp!

October 6, 2008 3:00 PM

Life On MarsABC is cranking up the wayback machine on behalf of its new retro drama “Life on Mars.”

—Readers of the Oct. 16 issue of Rolling Stone (on sale now) will find the music mag wrapped with a vintage cover from March 29, 1973, featuring Dr. Hook, with a banner at the bottom noting “‘Life on Mars’ Premieres Years Ahead of its Time.”

—The current issue of TV Guide boasts a back-page ad that cannily re-creates what a 1973 cover might have looked like with the cast of “Mars.”

—On Oct. 8-9, the New York Daily News will feature a four-page wraparound re-creating two 1973 front pages from the Gotham tabloid.

—On Oct. 9, the day “Mars” premieres, ABC.com will ditch its current home-page design in favor of a scaled-down design meant to evoke what the Web might have looked like during the Nixon administration.

“With the style of promos to the types of things we’re doing (with the covers), we’re trying to set the stage for 1973,” said Mike Benson, ABC’s co-head of marketing.

—Josef Adalian


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