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Farce vs. Fact

October 12, 2008 8:40 PM

Most of the people who saw Tina Fey mimic Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s performance in the Oct. 2 vice-presidential debate never saw the real thing, according to data from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. IMMI uses a panel of thousands of individuals to monitor viewing of content on three screens—TV, online and mobile—and found several ways in which the “Saturday Night Live” sketch was remarkable besides for Republican nominee Gov. Palin’s “Fargo” accent. For one thing, 56% of those who saw the “Saturday Night Live” sketch were not among the 70 million people who tuned in for Ms. Palin’s debate with Democratic VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden. For another thing, an overwhelming number of them did not see it on live TV; Instead 67% watched either online or via a digital video recorder. “This is the first time we’ve seen delayed viewing numbers this big,” said Amanda Welsh, head of research for IMMI.

—Jon lafayette


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