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Hasselbeck Still Riles New Variety Show Host O'Donnell

October 2, 2008 8:11 AM

Even as Rosie O’Donnell prepares for a possible new career as variety show host, she hasn’t totally given up on her feud with former co-worker Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


In recent posts on her Rosie.com Web site, Ms. O’Donnell—who left ABC’s “The View” last year after a series of on-air spats with Ms. Hasselbeck—has left little doubt that she still has misgivings about "The View's" conservative voice.

Among the recent references to the strained relationship:

—On the “Ask Ro” section of Ms. O’Donnell’s Web site, a reader asked who might be a good replacement for Ms. Hasselbeck. Replied Ms. O’Donnell: “Anyone.”

—Another reader mentioned Internet gossip regarding Ms. Hasselbeck’s possibly leaving “The View” and asked Ms. O’Donnell if it was “hard going to work every day” when she was moderator of the show. Ms. O’Donnell replied with a poem.

“A chick being born/The first peck out of the shell/ Is often regarded as the hardest,” the poem read.

—One reader mentioned the idea of Ms. Hasselbeck hosting a show for Fox News Channel. “She is perfect for Fox—or vice president if Sarah gets tired,” Ms. O’Donnell wrote, referring to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

—A reader of Ms. O’Donnell’s blog expressed frustration with Ms. Hasselbeck—calling her “a bully” who pushes her opinions—and said current moderator Whoopi Goldberg is doing a good job “handling” Ms. Hasselbeck. “I agree. Whoopi rocks it,” Ms. O’Donnell wrote.

—In a blog entry last month, Ms. O’Donnell compared Ms. Hasselbeck to Gov. Palin. “Sarah P, Elisabeth H. Identical cousins. Women who hunt in high heels gives one pause.”

—A reader asked Ms. O’Donnell if it was “a big no-no for Elisabeth to discuss what a guest does backstage.” The question was a reference to Ms. Hasselbeck’s comments at a Republican National Convention luncheon implying that Michelle Obama agreed to appear on “The View” only if certain questions weren’t asked. “It shows you clearly who she is,” Ms. O’Donnell said of Ms. Hasselbeck.

NBC Thursday announced plans for Ms. O’Donnell to host a live variety special on Thanksgiving Eve. Reports that Ms. O’Donnell and the network were talking about a variety show first surfaced in July.

While NBC has only announced plans for a one-off special, it’s likely the network would expand its relationship with Ms. O’Donnell if the hour does well in the ratings.

—Josef Adalian


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I can't imagine why the public would want to see Rosie host another show or hear her opinions and jabs at other people. Why? I know she used to be a comedian and used to entertain. But that was many many years ago. Now she is just loud and angry. She doesn't appear to have a happy life.

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