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McFarlane Series Spins the Web

October 12, 2008 8:47 PM

Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

When Former Disney chief and current Web show producer Michael Eisner heralded the coming of the online video age last week at a Veoh-sponsored forum in New York, he spoke not only from personal experience, but most likely with knowledge of the recent success of TV writer Seth MacFarlane’s Web series “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.” According to its backer, Media Rights Capital, “Cavalcade”—a collection of animated shorts sponsored by Burger King—pulled in more than 14 million views during its first three weeks online, following the impressive trail blazed by Mr. Eisner’s own “Prom Queen,” the 80-episode online series that earned more than 20 million views in its run last year. MRC cut deals for the show to run on YouTube, Sethcomedy.com and across Google’s content network. Mr. MacFarlane’s celebrity status as creator of “Family Guy” has no doubt contributed to “Cavalcade’s” popularity on the Web, and the numbers underline the growing importance of attaching established Hollywood talent to Internet projects.

—Daisy Whitney


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