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Transgender Issues, Crappy Jobs in Spotlight on Election Day

October 30, 2008 3:19 PM

The economy is in crisis, but on Nov. 4 there’ll be a far greater choice to make than Barack Obama or John McCain.


Maury Povich will host his own vote on Election Day with a special episode that’s a little bit Carmelita from “Dirty Sexy Money.”

The big decision won’t be Democrat or Republican, but “Time to Vote! Born Man or Woman?”

Viewers in studio and at home will be able to cast their vote in the very democratic process of determining whether the transgendered candidates are men or women.

“This is probably the most important election in our country’s history ... not that the one with Barack Obama and John McCain doesn't count,” host Maury Povich joked. “Our goal, after a very long and tough presidential campaign, is just to have a little fun with our studio audience and viewers at home.”

Meanwhile, couch potatoes who prefer their election tributes with a little less daytime drama and more dirt can check out Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” on election night.

The program will air 11 “Dirty Presidents” animated segments between 8 and 11 p.m. ET uncovering the dirty work past presidents had to do before they headed into the dirty world of politics.

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a butcher? Or that life for James Garfield was the shits when he worked as a janitor?

“With past presidents up to their eyeballs in dirt and poop, we’re helping to show that politics isn’t the only dirty job out there,” said Brad Roth, who is co-president with Mark Feldstein of Stun Creative, the agency whose graphics division, Buster, was behind the segments.

Check out video of the segments here.

But please do remember to get off the couch and vote for real.

—Vlada Gelman

(Edited to add link.)


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