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ESPN’s Mayne Sponsor

November 9, 2008 8:30 PM

ESPN has secured an official sponsor for “SportsCenter” anchor Kenny Mayne’s new show, which will appear not on cable but on ESPN.com. The sponsor of “Mayne Street,” ESPN’s first original scripted series, is—drumroll, please—Nyquil. That must mean ESPN doesn’t expect folks will fall asleep while watching the show, at least not without a pharmacological assist. ESPN is making a big push to add broadband video to ESPN.com, the monster site that accounts for 50% of the total minutes spent online for the entire sports category over the past 12 months. The site averages 120 million video views per month, according to data from Nielsen, and video use makes up 31% of the total time surfers spend on ESPN.com. The series, which launches Nov. 11 and is shot in Bristol, Conn., and New York, features a cast consisting of fake network executives and a faux camera crew.

—Jon Lafayette


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