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Here’s to ‘Sheets’

December 14, 2008 8:30 PM

Fans of “Jericho” and “Moonlight” aren’t the only die-hard types willing to rally in order to save their favorite shows. At least that’s what Zane Lamprey is counting on. For the past three years, he’s hosted “Three Sheets,” a drinking-’round-the-globe series that aired on the tiny cable network Mojo HD.

Zane Lamprey

Unfortunately, the network, operated by In Demand, called it quits earlier this year—leaving “Three Sheets” twisting in the wind. Mr. Lamprey and his fans, however, have come up with an innovative way to call attention to the show’s plight. On Dec. 16, Mr. Lamprey will host a combination rally/pub crawl in the Los Angeles area, marching outside the offices of TV executives while simultaneously getting hammered at three different L.A. bars. A similar stunt is planned for Dec. 18 in New York City. Mr. Lamprey said he hopes executives realize his series “is not just a show about a guy who travels around the world and drinks. It’s more than that. I also eat.” More info on the effort to save “Three Sheets” is available at zanelamprey.com.

—Josef Adalian


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