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Fly Away With ‘Lost’

January 21, 2009 2:07 PM

Gone are the days when the realm of a TV show existed only within that hour.

Now there are clue-ridden Web sites, viral videos and graphic novels. No show has a wider web of ancillary products than ABC’s “Lost,” which sends devoted fans into a frenzy of careful dissection and theory with each new subliminal image flashed in a video.

The Ajira Airways Web site gives Losties plenty more to dissect.

The site says, “Destiny Calls,” but when the Daily Blink tried to book a flight to destiny, it was told that all flights are booked. Guess destiny will have to wait since the Daily Blink got in too late on that fly-anywhere-for-$87 deal (is this a flat-rate airline?).

But if you book a flight using specific information, you will get a first look at some new characters and a new Dharma station. So what does it all mean? You tell us.

—Vlada Gelman


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