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The Little Guys Unite

January 25, 2009 8:19 PM

IndiMusic TV, an upstart independent music video program that recently concluded a 15-week Saturday night run on Long Island, N.Y., digital station WLNY, is all about the little guy: It airs videos by aspiring musical artists and then conducts an on-air poll for audience favorite. Think a low-budget, prerecorded “American Idol.” But after having helped little-known acts get more exposure in the New York metropolitan area (WLNY reaches homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), IndiMusic TV creator Chris Pati is looking for more exposure for the show itself and aims to move into national syndication. “In one season, we’ve established a hub for exposing and breaking new musical talent in the No. 1 market in America,” Mr. Pati said. “We’ve done it by creating a lean and mean business model for music on television that taps the only growing sector of the business—the independent sector.” Now that’s gotta be music to somebody’s ears.

—Tom Gilbert


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