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Calling All Bar Tricks

February 1, 2009 9:00 PM

If you run into the spiky-haired, Mohawk-sporting, self-anointed “bizarre magician” Brian Brushwood, he might ask to practice some of his new scams on you.

That’s because his Web show, Revision3’s “Scam School,” has turned out to be such a hit that he needs some new tricks.

The Web series, launched last year, has earned more than 1 million views online and was named one of iTunes’ best podcasts of 2008. That good fortune also means the host needs to devise a new cadre of scams, tricks and gotchas to help viewers score free drinks and phone numbers at bars.

At the NATPE convention in Las Vegas last week, Mr. Brushwood said he’s been brushing up on his magic by practicing his new tricks for friends. He also spends about 30 minutes each day answering e-mails from viewers about the tricks they’ve already learned on his show.

“I want them to do the tricks well, so I have to manage my ambassadors,” he said.

—Daisy Whitney


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