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Parent Knows Best

February 6, 2009 3:23 PM

Here's one of those corporate right-hand/left-hand/doing? situations that always prove so embarrassing.

We've all heard about the infamous surprise porn incident in Tucson, Ariz., last Sunday, when Comcast analog subscribers who were tuned into the Super Bowl on NBC were unwittingly subjected to 30 seconds of action on the Shorteez pay-per-view porn channel, also carried by Comcast in that market.

Lisa de Moraes, in her Washington Post TV column today updates the situation, reporting that Comcast, which termed the mishap an “isolated, malicious act,” will give offended subscribers a $10 credit. She goes on to quote Federal Communications Commission spokesman David Fiske, who denies a press report that the FCC is investigating the Tucson incident beyond an initial review of complaints.

Now here's the good part—that press report he’s denying? From a no less impeccable source than Comcast-owned E! Entertainment Television’s E! Online news. It was later amended with a retraction.

—Tom Gilbert


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