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Clearing Things Up at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

March 29, 2009 8:00 PM

Another one of the late-night warriors is going high-def. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” will begin broadcasting in HD on Tuesday, April 14, Blink has learned.

Jimmy Kimmel

It joins all of NBC’s late-night shows, as well as CBS’ “Late Show With David Letterman,” in making the transition to digital broadcasting. “Kimmel’s” lead-in, the ABC News-produced “Nightline,” jumped to HD last year. ABC’s move leaves CBS’ “Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson” as the only network late-night show that has not announced plans to switch to high definition. Given the competitive late-night landscape, as well as TV’s overall trend toward embracing HD, Mr. Ferguson likely will be making the transition eventually. Most of ABC’s primetime broadcasts are now in HD, as are news shows such as “Good Morning, America” and “20/20” and the daytime talk show “The View.”

—Josef Adalian


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Congrats to Mr. Kimmel, I'm thinking that ABC is giving the show the money and PR it needs to be serious in the Late Night Wars...

As for Mr. Ferguson?
You know Regis likes Mr. Ferguson. Maybe he could go on Regis and Kelly every morning and do an HD-highlight of the night before's show or even a coming attraction. We thought the leaky studio roof was bad over on Craig Ferguson's show. It's really tough when The View has HD television before you do. Although why in the world the View needs High Definition, I just don't know. From what I read over on TWoP, it's Mr. Ferguson or Jimmy Fallon over on NBC that the ladies want to see more of. I thought they got tired of the 27 different shades of purple that Elizabeth turns when she talks about the Democrats. Sure it's realistic but --well-- she might scare the little at-home kids.

Just sayin'...

CBS is pathetic.

I often read how people don't watch Craig Ferguson, only because he's NOT in high definition. I don't blame them because standard def is painful on the eyes. Once you've got a taste for HD, you never want to go back.

Ferguson fans got a taste of him in HD in March, when he was on a few morning talk shows but also on Comedy Central where his 'Wee Bit' special was aired in HD. Honestly, the taste was pleasurable for the ocular palate, amongst other things.

In the end, I wonder if CBS's cheapness will come to bite it in the ass, as it does. CBS managed to back up and step in shit when they hired Mr Ferguson, who's contract is up next year. If they had any working brain cells left, they will provide him with the essentials...a proper roof, better lighting & sound and HD transmission. Otherwise, I like the fact that Craig's show is not a "proper" talk show. No band and the smaller studio seems to allow for a one on one atmosphere with the viewer, which contributes to the essence of Craig's comedy. To the passing viewer, it's a guaranteed chuckle but for the fans, it's crack for the mind and funny bone.

I hope CBS wises up soon, because with Craig's talent, I suspect there will be plenty of options in his future...

"Call me, Craig!"

Jay Hart:

I'm an avid watcher of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and it pains me that his show hasn't made the leap to HD yet. I really hope it does soon. I watch the glorious HD of David Letterman but then going to the SD "crap-o-vision" (Craig's exact words from the show), it just sucks.

Craig Ferguson deserves more recognition as he's just very engaging from beginning to end. He's got a great, random sense of humor which I can relate to quite a bit. But I also like those other moments (such as the shows immediately after his father and mother passed away) where he can have a lot of heart and moral values as well.

Case in point, I hope CBS wises up, fixes the problems with his studio (fix the roof, give proper lighting, etc.) and gives the much needed HD upgrade. He really deserves it.

One more thing, just pointing out an error in this article. It says all NBC late-night is in HD, that's not true because Last Call with Carson Daly is still in SD. (I believe it is, nobody watches it anyway.)

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