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Over the Hill

March 29, 2009 8:00 PM

Burbank sure as heck ain’t Hollywood. That’s what Web show writer-producer-actor Hayden Black explores in his return to the computer screen this week with a spinoff of “Goodnight Burbank,” one of the first breakout Web series and the one that made Mr. Black a bona fide Internet star.

Goodnight Burbank

The new show, “Goodnight Burbank: Hollywood Report,” debuted on Babelgum.com last week with the same cast and same fictional TV station—Channel 6 in Burbank—but this time the reporters are working on a daytime entertainment show. The problem is the fictional newsroom just doesn’t have access to the same stars as it would were it in Hollywood. When the news troupe lands an interview with Oprah Winfrey, for instance, it winds up with her best friend Gayle King’s personal assistant instead, Mr. Black explained. Each of the 20 episodes in the new season will run about five minutes, with a new episode each week. The digital show is one of the flagship properties of the United Kingdom-based Babelgum’s launch into the United States market. The challenge will be growing an audience with a site that has little U.S. traction. But “Goodnight Burbank,” which debuted three years ago, has amassed 10 million total views, Mr. Black said. The goal is to lure back the faithful fans to the spinoff.

—Daisy Whitney


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