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Check Out Jerry's 10 Finalists in 'Springer Singer Search'

April 27, 2009 6:18 PM

NBC Universal’s “The Jerry Springer Show” announced the “Springer Singer Search” in March, looking for original song submissions about “Springer” from the show's fans.

Jerry Springer

Now, we’ve entered the semi-finals, as the producers have culled the pack down to 10 entrants. Viewers are encouraged to head over to http://www.jerryspringertv.com/ to vote for their favorites, and the top three will perform on an episode in May to decide the winner of the $5,000 prize.

After the jump, check out the semi-finalists as we check in with Blink’s bookie to get odds and notes on the competition.

1) Frank: “I’m Going on 'The Jerry Springer Show'”

Honky-tonk and country seem to be the most popular type of music to represent “Springer.” Frank gets bonus points for technical accomplishment in music and videography (compared to some of the rest of the pack). But we're deducting 30 points for threatening to “kick big Steve right in the nuts.” Steve Wilkos isn’t with “Springer” anymore, and if Mr. Wilkos were there, Frank would so be missing a chair right now.

Odds to win: 4:1.

2) Kip and Doug: “Jerry Springer Show”

Kip and Doug's title may be disappointing, but this is a strong, Johnny Cash-like entry. We’re getting a “Boy Named Sue” vibe from Kip’s song, which would have been an appropriate title for a song about “The Jerry Springer Show.”

Odds to win: 6:1. Would be higher, but this video damn near deafened us when we started it. Be aware.

3) Donesia: “Jerry Springer Show”

Quite an energetic performance from Donesia, specifically with the prop underwear. The video itself obviously had some post-production elements with transitions, but the VCR tracking across the top is a gutsy stylistic choice. That hallway reminds us a bit of Jamiroquai's “Virtual Insanity” video.

Odds to win: 10:1.

4) Iris and Dan: “Show and Tell”

A drinking song about “Jerry Springer”? Sure, why not? Put this one down as our odds-on favorite to at least place on the show. This could quickly become a pub favorite, assuming you’re drinking at 2 in the afternoon when “Springer” is on. But this is “Jerry Springer,” so let’s not be too hasty to dismiss that possibility.

Odds to win: 3:1.

5) The Pity Whores: “The Jerry Springer Show”

Punk rock meets “Springer” in this entry. A fun piece of noise from the Pity Whores, but fellas, there’s a button on your camera labeled “White Balance.” Please investigate.

Odds to win: 20:1.

6) Mitchell: “Famous on 'The Jerry Springer Show'”

Another country-based entry, but this one has goats! And they apparently LOVE this song. Fast, fun and catchy. We dig it.

Odds to win: 7:1, but only if the goats also attend the taping.

7) Jerome: “Look Mom, Springer’s On”

While maybe not as catchy as the rest of the group, Jerome’s video has it all: cross-dressing, full frontal nudity, playing multiple roles, a cat played like a guitar and a singing toilet. He might not win it all, but the Daily Blink hopes there's some type of technical award that can be given.

Odds to win: 12:1.

8) Isiah: “Springer Beats”

Do you like “Jerry Springer”? Do you like auto-tune? Do you like a three-frame animation of a fire? Then have we got something for you. Consider this a long shot, but Isiah might be a T-Pain-inspired dark horse to win.

Odds to win: 25:1.

9) Yunglife: "Yunglife"

It’s funny to see such a serious bit of R&B about “The Jerry Springer Show.” Why they’re jamming in their car, we’re not sure.

Odds to win: 5:1.

10) Infinity: "Sappy Love Song"

Come now, gentlemen. The confusing facepaint is one thing, but using a cheat sheet during your mad rhymes? For shame. I say, good day!

Odds to win: 100:1.


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I came across this site searching for stuff on this contest we are in. All I can say is wow, you are a moron, whomever wrote this. Our odds are 100:1, and my facepaint is confusing. How is that? How can you sit here and critisize somebody for that, it's music, and we all (well except for the blind guy) had our lyrics in front of us. It's just the point that I myself am not going to hide them, just to make a good presentation video??? Dude, it doesn't matter about a "cheat sheet", it's lyrics, this is music. And my brother just said it best, it's JERRY SPRINGER, come on man are you for real.


i think younglife is da best group up there wether jerry is white or blsck i dnt think a country song isd the only way to go especially no with the new generation listening to nothing but hip hop and rnb

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