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Fans Haven’t Given Up on ‘Pushing Daisies’

April 20, 2009 3:22 PM

“Pushing Daisies” may be canceled, but the sold-out crowd at PaleyFest’s Sunday screening of the series’ last three, as-yet-unaired episodes wasn’t ready to let go. Neither was the show’s cast and crew.


THE FINAL 'DAISIES' Creator Bryan Fuller, left, Ellen Greene, director and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld and Chi McBride introduce the screening.

Introducing the screening to a standing ovation (another one followed the final episode), creator Bryan Fuller said, “I’m hoping there is a life beyond television for ‘Pushing Daisies.’”

Mr. Fuller, who noted that one of his first PaleyFest panels was “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” brought director and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld and stars Chi McBride and Ellen Greene to the stage to say a few words.

“For all of you attending today, there's pitchforks and torches we'll be handing out,” Mr. McBride said, rallying the audience into protest mode.

Ms. Greene was a bit more somber, even tearing up as she spoke of what the show meant to her and thanked fans for trying to save it.


SIGHTS & SOUNDS Jim Dooley, the show's composer, leads a band in some music before the screening.

While “Pushing Daisies” won’t be blooming on TV anymore, there will be a DC Comics series. Mr. Fuller just broke the first 12 episodes of the comic book series.

As for the final three episodes, “Window Dressed to Kill,” “Water and Power” and “Kerplunk,” which will be broadcast on ABC Saturdays at 10 p.m. starting May 30? The Daily Blink would not dare to spoil it, but will say viewers can look forward to many fun guest stars, including Wilson Cruz (who was in attendance at the screening), Willie Garson, Michael McDonald, Gina Torres, David Arquette, Constance Zimmer, Wendie Malick, George Segal and Josh Hopkins as a “himbo.”

Viewers also will get another chance to hear Kristin Chenoweth show off her lovely voice, singing Lionel Richie’s “Hello.”


A PIECE OF 'DAISIES' Bryan Fuller and Ellen Greene raffle off props from the show.

Following the first two episodes, Mr. Fuller and Ms. Greene raffled off props from the show, including the MOTHER license plate from “The Norwegians,” a Honey for the Homeless jar and a Pie Hole menu. The Daily Blink wasn’t lucky enough to win a prop or catch one of the shirts Mr. Fuller and Mr. McBride were chucking into the audience, but it did to get to see how it all ends.

“This was an interesting episode for us because we didn't know it was our last episode," Mr. Fuller said, introducing the final episode. "And we had originally an ending, which was a cut to black, and we figured you guys would kill us. So in post, we crafted an ending. We had no money. We got visual effects houses to donate shots, to get us $90,000 effects shots for $8,000. So it really was a labor of love by everybody, including the visual effects houses who really love the show as much as everybody in this room.”

—Vlada Gelman


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I'm still really bummed that this show has been cancled. I wish ABC had been willing to give it time to grow it's audience. I know it would have. ABC missed a great oppourtunity.


This is a really different, novel show. I looked forward to seeing it each week. ABC should really give it another chance. If Ugly Betty can come back - - -gee whiz, so could Pushing Daisies. More people should be writing to ABC about it.


My Mom introduced me to this show. I was hooked on it right away. It's always so different, and the mysteries are so clever. I'm completely fascinated by the sets and costuming, and it's a very colorful show. It deserves another chance!

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