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There’s Baldo

April 26, 2009 7:00 PM

Paley Festival Fringe Panel

'FRINGE' FILES Joshua Jackson, left, discussing 'Fringe' with co-star John Noble.

“Fringe” star Joshua Jackson (right, with John Noble), appearing on Thursday’s PaleyFest panel for the show at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinerama Dome, took the opportunity to air what seemed to Blink a valid complaint about Fox, his home network. It seems that back in January, try as he might, poor Josh was unable to get good seats to the big Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants playoff game.

Even after hitting up connections at the network, which was televising the game, he had to settle for some nose-bleed seats that he and his friends managed to scrounge up.

The Observer

Here’s the kicker: During the game he spots, on the sidelines, sitting in the choicest of sections, the Observer, the mysterious (and relatively minor) “Fringe” character the network is using to promote its schedule—planting him in the crowd at televised sporting events and even on “American Idol.”

A word of advice, Josh: Talent may be talent, but it’s promotion that will get you everywhere in showbiz.

—Chad Rooney


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Comments (5)


Looks like some people who watch Fringe might be like what the heck? Is this realitiy??? Something bad is going to happen! Keep Frineing!


Too cool! I know I'd freak out if I actually saw The Observer in real life. That's such an awesome idea.


Actually, it's kind of crappy of FOX not to use the actor for that, especially when major playoff seats are involved. Unless it's a vinyl figure, the Observer needs to be the Observer. And really, Fox, get your growing cult figures some football tickets?

But putting the Observer on tour rocks! Can we have him at the Rex Ball in New Orleans next Mardi Gras?

I too would like him at the next Unmotivatedband concertin St petersburg florida


I saw the observer standing along the edge of Jimmie Johnson's pit several races ago, but apparently no one else spotted him. Am I the only person who watches both Fringe and Nascar?

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