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Unlikely Pairing on History’s ‘America’

May 17, 2009 8:00 PM

It would take something awfully big to get one-time rivals History General Manager Nancy Dubuc and former Discovery Channel President Jane Root working together. How big? How about a 12-part series called “America: The Story of Us,” which will be executive produced by Ms. Root’s Nutopia production company and air on History. “There’s always an automatic kinship when someone’s been in your shoes or you’ve been in their shoes, and it took all of about 30 seconds for us to be able to relate to each other,” says Ms. Dubuc, who praised Ms. Root’s ability to create event programming. There may be some translation issues in having a Brit tell the story of America, but Ms. Dubuc says Ms. Root speaks her language from a programming point of view. “She knows what audiences want to see and how to get that dollar on the screen and how to talk to our advertising partners and how to relate to this as a business, not just as a special,” she said. “This has legs beyond the 12 hours it’s on our air.”

—Jon Lafayette


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