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Video: CW’s ‘Life Unexpected’ and ‘Body Politic’

May 20, 2009 5:07 PM

The CW announces its 2009-2010 schedule tomorrow and while it’s a sure thing that “Vampire Diaries,” “The Beautiful Life” and “Melrose Place” will be joining the network’s fall slate, midseason is a little less clear.

Among the midseason contenders are “Life Unexpected” (starring Shiri Appleby, Kerr Smith and Brittany Robertson) and “The Body Politic” (starring Minka Kelly, Jay Hernandez, Jason Dohring and Gabrielle Union). Their fate may be uncertain at the moment, but you can check out scenes after the jump from their pilots, which may be The CW’s next new show or simply development season’s leftovers.

You can also watch previews of “Vampire Diaries,” “Beautiful Life” and “Melrose Place” at TVWeek’s New Season Preview Player, which is part of our Upfront Navigator. Episodic and cast photos from the pilots can be viewed here.

"The Body Politic"

"Life Unexpected" (now titled "Parental Discretion Advised")

"Parental Discretion Advised" has been picked up for midseason. Check out The CW's upfront announcement here.

—Vlada Gelman

(Edited at 2:40 p.m. ET to add last sentence about "Parental Discretion Advised.")


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Comments (17)


Those shows are more like LIGHT YEARS apart. Wow. Life, Unexpected is really bad.

Loved Body Politic and Melrose Place though!


Body Politic looks good! I love the cast.
It'll be such a waste if it doesn't get picked up.


Life/Light Whatever is unbelievably dull. That whole first scene is people stammering and babbling with nothing happening! And I didn't get why they kept calling that girl "Girl Scout" until I realized she's supposed to be like 15--she looks like she's 24.

I'm really interested in Body Politic though--the ensemble cast and interesting premise made me really want to see more of it. I hope the whole episode becomes available soon! (And on a completely shallow note: Look at that cast--RWOWR.)


Wow, Body Politic looks even better than expected. The CW would be remiss not to pick it up.


Here's hoping that the CW does pick up "The Body Politic". It really looks like a show worth watching which is saying a lot these days! I can't think of anything that I've watched on the CW since "The Gilmore Girls".


ok i would like a better show (and a movie career) for jason dohring but after having seen this extract of Body Politic i am quite interested...i could be watch again CW....it's weird for me because of all these crappie shows in this network but for BP i can change my mind. And in a shallow note they looks very good together and a multi-ethnic cast ! Refreshing !


Body Politic looks really good. The cast already has great chemistry. It would definitely get some of the older part of their demographic (twenties) watching. It makes me sad that it'll probably be passed over in favour of the other show which looks awful as hell.

I heard BP probably won't get picked up because CW's target audience doesn't want something political. Are they living in a bubble? Their target audience got Obama elected! Too bad the CW isn't paying attention to all of the comments all over that show how much interest there is in Body Politic.


I love Jason Dohring, but I don't buy these comments. I feel like there is some "Moonlight" message board out there linking people to this post so they can overstate how much they loved the "Body Politic" clips.

Dohring mumbles his way through his introduction scene and never quite sells the character as the earnest, honest, always the friend - never the boyfriend guy he is supposed to be. As much as I want the boy on my TV and as much as I loved this script, I just didn't really buy it in the clips. (Except Jay Hernandez's smoldering hotness. I bought that.)

I can see why the CW chose "Light Years"/"Life Unexpected"/"Parental Discretion is Advised" out of these two. It is very much a "Gilmore Girls" re-boot and the CW is all about re-boots. And even though the casting is not perfect, the script is really solid and the concept is compelling to me. I'll give it a chance.


I watched the clip and read all the comments have to say that I personally think "Light Years"/"Life Unexpected"/"Parental Discretion is Advised" looks like a really good show with a lot of potential and a great cast. Both Shiri Appleby Kerr Smith are WB alums who have both starred on hit shows. Shiri Appleby alone is enough to keep me glued to my TV every week.


Spadada, i don't agree with you about Jason Dohring not acting like "the friend". It had to be a love triangle so there are ambiguity and he nailed it maybe too much, but it's not his fault, the guy has chemistry (often sexual chemistry) with everybody.
Anyway i am not very dissapointed because he deserves soo much better than waste his talent in a CW show. He has to be a movie actor (Kristen Bell makes movies so why not him ?? I don't get it).


Watched the clips and have to say I like the "Parental Discretion is advised", have great cast and can't wait to see SA on TV again.


Spadada didn't say never THE FRIEND, they said never the BOYFRIEND, big difference. And since you can't even pay attention to that fact, I doubt you'd understand any type of show - even a subpar rip-off like that. The guy has ZERO chemistry and even less acting ability, so that right there knocks out all credibility, so does saying that the former preview on this post looks any good. There's nothing remotely new about "The Body Politic," so talk about remakes - it's "Commander-in-Chief" meets "JAG," and it looks like a freakin' cheap joke. The original "Melrose Place" was cancelled for a reason, it sucked. Apparently the same people that watch "Grey's Anatomy" will watch half of this slop (IE. the lowest common denominators with no taste), no big surprise there.


I personally don't "get" the fuss about Jason Bohring...aka, Mumbles-n-Unattractive. Don't see all the "chemistry" the BP lobbyists droll on about either. Given a choice between the two shows above, there IS no choice: I truly enjoyed the Parental Discretion preview and will watch the show. I like Kerr, Shiri and the Poloha guy, plus the young girl appears to have some serious acting talent. Of course, I don't know where the show will go after the pilot, but I felt the same thing with Gilmore Girls...and wound up a loyal fan to the very end.

Stop bashing the CW. They're trying new (and retooled) projects, and I can't fault a single move they've made for next fall--except the ridiculous ANTM encore on Fridays at 9pm. That's gotta GO in favor of something NEW.


The problem with the CW schedule is precisely there is nothing new : girlie shows with spoiled youngs white people, it's become boring !
For Parental Discretion it's a mix between Dawson Creek and Gilmore Girls, it's not bad (but the script is bad still) the main girl is descent, the others actors are ok but before CW has canceled this type of show so why pick up it again ?
For Jason Dohring it's question of taste i think, it's a "you love or you hate", he is magnetic but you can hate his style. He has the same energy as actors like Ed Norton, Ryan Gosling, young Mickey Rourke, Christian Bale and if you don't like them you don't like him, it's simple like that ! This type is rare in tv and mostly in teens show (maybe Ed Westwick) but you find this in movies.


Of the two, I'm more interested in Parental Discretion Advised/Life Unexpected. Nothing against Body Politic but it didn't really grab me.


Here's how sexist and idiotic Hollywood is: Life, Unexpected's lead actresses are *12* years apart in age. Yet they're supposed to be mother/daughter. Even for a story that is based on a girl who got pregnant on prom night, they cast a woman who looks like she is just a few years out of high school. Shiri Appleby's character would have had to get pregnant in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for this casting to work.

sharon brown:

haven't watched the clip because i was disgusted that body politic exploits the fact the one of the ladies was under the sheets with derek jeter. example she's from michigan. een though she wore his yankee cap out for the press it didn't do anything for the shows ratings there was only momentary interest. then she fades into the background. the numbers were horrible at nbc because of her. even with a talented cast including kyle chandler she still brings the show down. when you love the spotlight and not the art of acting. the spark is missing. normally i'd watch any show chandler was on but even back then i couldn't get into it the clips of her were forgetable. and i didn't watch and haven't watched. the wrong lead. leighton meester wanna be.

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