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Discovering 'Unknown With Josh Bernstein'

July 10, 2008 11:15 AM

Josh Bernstein and Beth Dietrich

Raiders of the Unknown Host Josh Bernstein (L) and producer Beth Dietrich of "Into the Unkown with Josh Bernstein" describe the show's efforts at revealing interesting locations in high defintion.

Josh Bernstein, host of Discovery Channel’s new series “Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein,” said that on the show, he will venture from training to be a Roman gladiator to taking a look inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he'll help build the vehicles that will be exploring Mars.

Mr. Bernstein, who used to have a show on History, said his move to Discovery allowed him to not just look backward, but to look forward as well.

He said episodes of "Into the Unknown" will focus on interesting places, have some mystery to address, and look beautiful in high definition.

In an episode with a slightly different approach, Mr. Bernstein will explore whether the flood in the Bible really happened.

He said many cultures have a story of a great flood; the episode will look at whether there was a man named Noah, if an ark could be built and what kind of animals would be on it.

He admitted, however, that a firm conclusion is unlikely.

“In an hour show, we realize we aren’t going to rewrite the Bible,” Mr. Bernstein said.

"Into the Unknown" premieres Aug. 18.

—Jon Lafayette


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