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Doc, It Hurts When I Ask a Question...

July 19, 2008 6:21 PM

The "Doctors" session took the stage sans the McGraw boys, Dr. Phil and Jay, whose company is producing the series.

However, with four of the co-hosts meeting with the press, critics quickly brought up perhaps too personal medical topics for the panelists, echoing the essence of the show in discussing "topics people are too embarrassed to discuss with their own physician."

Critics' questions involved their personal frustration at being misdiagnosed, when to get a second opinion and not getting enough time in an office visit. One all but displayed an unusual growth that's causing concern, and another asked about a sponge left in her body post-op.

Dr. Travis Stork, former "Bachelor" star and centerpiece of the upcoming series, quickly pointed out that "The Doctors" is not meant to replace the viewer's (or critic's) own physician and is meant to serve an informational purpose only.

—Chris Pursell


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Vivienne Isaacks:

I was excited to watch this new talk show. I tuned in today at 3:00pm because I was interested in hearing about Guardicil. I have an eleven year old daughter that in August her doctor suggested she receive the shot. Luckily she had no side effects as described on the show. I never heard the Dr's say this was a three part shot given every three months. My daughter has two more to go, one in October and one in January. Why did they act like this was a one time shot? Just wondering. Loved the show!!!!

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