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Geography Lessons From CBS News

July 18, 2008 10:46 AM

CBS News Analyst Jeff Greenfield wants to make one thing clear: He may know a lot about Washington, but he's not a Washington insider.

A reporter—OK, me—addressed a query to Mr. Greenfield and CBS News' Bob Schieffer by labeling it "for the Washington guys."

Mr. Greenfield immediately took issue with that.

Said he: "I live in the heartland of America—the Upper West Side of Manhattan."

Duly noted.

—Josef Adalian


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But what was the actual question? I want more, Adalian!


From the transcript:
Question: For Mr. Schieffer, Mr. Greenfield the Washington guys, do you think at all that the McCain campaign -- well, the Clinton campaign seems to use one of their strategies, the charge, "Oh, the press is in the tank for Obama" and it worked with "Saturday Night Live" to some degree and that was part of their whole campaign. Do you think the McCain camp is now sort of definitely doing "You like Obama too much. You're covering him too much." Is that all part of their whole strategy?

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