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How Much Is Too Much on Obama Trip?

July 18, 2008 10:43 AM

Katie Couric at TCA via Sattelite

VIA SATELLITE: "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric and Sean McManus, CBS News & Sports president, speak to the press via satellite about their thoughts on Obama's strategy.

With the Big Three news anchors scheduled to travel overseas with the Obama campaign next week, conservative critics already are raising questions about whether too much star power is being focused on the trip.

A similar trip by Sen. John McCain in March didn't get nearly the same attention, critics note.

But "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric told a TCA audience that the Obama campaign has simply been more savvy.

"I think it was very deft on the part of the Obama campaign," she said, noting the Obama campaign offered the news networks extensive access to the candidate if they went along on the trip. "Had (Sen. McCain) extended such an invitation, we would have strongly considered it."

Beyond tactics, CBS News & Sports President Sean McManus noted that Mr. Obama is making his debut on the international scene.

"Any time (a presumed nominee) makes his first major foreign trip, it's a major event," he said. "If we didn't do it, we wouldn't be doing our job."

—Josef Adalian


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I'm sure the folks at the TCA also thought conservative critics were overreacting about nothing.

Let's see, now newsgathering is apparently going on trips the candidate invites you on. How nice, saves time and of course money.

Katie Couric admitting she likes how the Obama campaign is handling things. No bias there, naturally. Note she said if McCain had offered to give the Press a free ride, CBS would have strongly considered it - not that they would have provided the same coverage.

Finally you've got to love the comment about the coverage being because Obama is making his international debut - effectively saying "If Mr. McCain had been such a poor candidate that he never made overseas visits until he was the presumptive nominee, that would have been news, too!"

I see.

Does CBS and the rest of the media really not get their own bias? Is there no one left to take a step back and see how their statements read to anyone that doesn't have an Obama sticker on their car?

Or do they just honestly believe that no one could possibly not want to elect Obama?

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