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McPherson Digs 'Mole' Producers

July 16, 2008 3:47 PM

ABC took a bold step by bringing back reality show “The Mole” this summer. Viewers have repaid that boldness with decidedly so-so ratings, forcing producers to launch a Web site to save their show.

So will there be another season of “The Mole”? ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson was noncommittal on Wednesday at press tour, but he said he doesn’t blame producers for the disappointing numbers.

“It's certainly not the fault of the production,” he said. “It's an incredibly well-produced show. I think they did a fabulous job.”

Mr. McPherson said he thought the network stumbled a bit in its marketing of the show. “Maybe we made a misstep there and should have focused a little bit more as just selling it as a completely new show,” he said. “I think we overestimated the kind of return value of it.”

The ABC chief said he was impressed that producer Scott Stone and his partners launched a Web site to rally fans. “Those are the kind of people you want to be in business with,” he said.

—Josef Adalian


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